Almond Banana Panckes

Banana Almond Pancakes

Healthy Breakfast or afternoon snack!
High in protein, healthy fats , fiber and amino acids
1/2 cup Almonds
1/8 cup pumpkin seeds
1/4 cup oats
2 tsp flax seeds
Baking soda
Baking powder
2 eggs
1/2 banana
1/4 cup almond or rice milk
*Blend these first 4 ingredients in high powered blender until flour like consistency.
Add in a pinch of baking soda, pinch of baking powder, cinnamon & Sea salt. Mix in 2 eggs and 1/2 mashed banana. Lightly stir in 1/4 cup of almond milk.
Top with your favourite sliced fruit and enjoy!
Makes 8-10 small-medium sized pancakes

**For added nutrients and a fun color for the kids, add handful of spinach to your almond milk and blend until smooth then continue with recipe as normal. 🙂


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