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Warm Beet Salad & Goat Cheese

So Simple So Delicious I like beets, but I mostly just add them to my juicer with a veggie mix and drink away. I was inspired to try a something new with them after having a delicious beet salad at a restaurant one night. It turned out pretty good in my opinion!

Here goes:

3 medium sized beets, washed, peeled & boiled or baked in oven until soft enough to cut through easily
Goat Cheese
4-5 Radishes thinly sliced
Mixed Green Salad Sunflower sprouts/Pea Shoots
Balsamic Reduction
Extra Virgin Olive oil
BBQ Chicken
Sea Salt & Pepper to taste!
Once the beets were soft enough I sliced them into about 1/4 inch slices and placed in a large frying pan on low-med heat for a few minutes each side. I did this because not all my beets were good to go yet. I don’t necessarily think this part would be needed if your beets came out perfectly tender and to your liking. Once I placed my greens on the plate (choose any of your fav mixed greens/sprouts etc..) I added my beets, topped my goat cheese over the warm beets, added a few radish slices, added my BBQ chicken (go without if you’re not feelin’ the meat) and drizzled with olive oil and balsamic reduction. That’s it!! Simple.
Relatively quick and painless and delicious. 3 Med sized beets topped 4 salads with a few slices left over. I hope you try it out! Get creative with your meals 🙂 ENJOY IMG_2542

Add Beets to boost your nutrient value to your next salad.
NutrientDRI/DV Beets, Sliced, Cooked, 1 cup 75 calories Folate 34% Manganese 27% Potassium 15% Copper 14.5% Fiber 13.8% Magnesium 9.7% Phosphorus 9% Vitamin C 8.1% Iron 7.5% Vitamin B6 6.4%


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