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Clean 15 & the Dirty Dozen

The Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen is a great tool to remind us which fruits and veggies are typically carrying more pesticides along with them. Since pesticides are nobody’s best friend, reducing your intake of these toxins is something you should be aiming for.

Why should you bother?
Pesticide exposure has been linked to many illnesses from endocrine disorders to cancer, and the pesticide-induced disease list is growing! It might be worth it to put a little more thought behind which produce you’re buying organic and which ones you’re not. You can lower your pesticide load by choosing to peel certain produce or taking more effort to clean them before use.

Nutrients are Key
Keep in mind, the value of the nutrients behind the fruits & veggies are so essential! Don’t let the toxins stop you from purchasing.  Your body thrives on the vitamins & minerals they offer so eat up! Just by being more mindful, you can make a difference in your body.

Since the cost of organic is higher, shop around! You can likely find better deals by shopping locally and going to farmers markets. I would rather help out our local farmers who are trying to keep their products clean for us to consume.

Pesticide Residue
The clean 15 has the lowest pesticide residue whereas the dirty dozen is some of the highest. So if you’re looking to reduce your intake of these nasty toxins then plan your shopping! Aim for more organic, when possible, of the dirty dozen or take extra care for soaking/cleaning.





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