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Eggs: Breakfast Lunch & Dinner kinda meals

Eggs Anytime

Are you stuck eating the same old thing for breakfast & lunch? Even dinner?
In my world, certain meals can be perfect any time of the day. I’m easy going & thankfully my fiance is too, so sometimes it just comes down to what you’re craving-or lets be honest, what’s the quickest.

I find eggs to be perfect for days you’re just not sure what you make. Quick. Easy. Delicious. And super diverse. Try mixing up your same old egg recipe for something new. Try new spices, sauces or side dishes. You’ll be surprised with how many different veggies pair well with eggs!
I’m no chef, but I like to create healthy dishes that aren’t so boring & bland…it’s not that hard!

So today this is actually lunch 😉

Sweet Potato, Zucchini, Kale, Egg & basil, salsa & dill for extra flav 😉

I lightly pan fried a few slices of organic sweet potato in coconut oil, add my kale until wilted and toss in zucchini when almost done. I put a splash of Tamari when everything is almost cooked to add more flavour – I love tamari when I’m sauteing veggies.
Remove from the pan and crack in your egg. I keep on low (still using coconut oil) and cover with a lid adding a little splash of water to help create steam to cook your egg. Perfect.Every.Time

Add basil paste, a tbsp of salsa, dill and sea salt and pepper to taste.

Healthy & delicious Eggs


Voila! Go create a masterpiece 🙂


PS. Gluten Free, Grain Free, Dairy Free, Paleo & Kick Ass

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