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Banana Peach Smoothie Bowl

Banana Peach Smoothie Bowl

Mmmmm peaches. I don’t normally go for peaches (no particular reason), but the smell of these organic Okanagan peaches at the market yesterday lured me in. They were perfectly ripe.
So this morning for breakfast, peach smoothie bowl. It may not look like the best tasting bowl, but man was it delicious.

What you need:

1 Large Frozen Banana
3/4 organic Okanagan Peach (1/4 for topper)
1/4 cup coconut milk *
sprinkle of vanilla powder
Blend 🙂

*since the peach was so juicy, I should have used frozen coconut milk cubes instead to keep it thicker…next time!

Toppers: To top this smoothie bowl I added hemp seeds, chia, pumpkin seeds, peaches and walnuts.


Give this smoothie bowl a try! Enjoy

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