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Beets & Berries Smoothie Bowl

Beets & Berries Smoothie Bowl

The art of making a smoothie bowl is really quite simple. Choose your base (mine’s usually frozen bananas…goes well with everything-so keep lots ready to go in the freezer) add in other flavours you’d like (strawberries, mango, beets etc…) add a liquid if needed (coconut milk, almond milk etc..) and blend away.
Too much liquid will result in more of a smoothie and less of a smoothie bowl. You’ll get better at adjusting this as you go. Try less liquid first and add as needed.

I use a Vitamix, which is AMAZING to say the least. The Vitamix comes with a tamper to allow you to press down on the ingredients to help get the perfect blend.

Today’s bowl had beets, hence the amazing color. I first added about 1/3 cup coconut milk and approx. 1/2 a small organic beet (sliced) into the Vitamix to make sure the beet was fully pureed. I then added my frozen banana, frozen strawberries and a few frozen raspberries and started blending. Use the tamper to make sure all ingredients are evenly blended & into the consistency you want. I also add my ‘add ins’ to blend at this time.

Scoop out into bowl and top with your fav goodies!

Toppers-any goodies you want to add to your bowl without blending
Some of my regular Toppers
are berries, coconut, hemp seeds, chia, pumpkin seeds, walnuts- but add what you like. I try to get  more bang for my buck so there’s always an added protein or fat somewhere in my smoothie bowls

Add ins- Often I’ll add powders to my smoothie bowls (or smoothies) to add nutrients.
Some of my regular Add ins are raw cacao powder, camu camu powder, ashwagandha powder, maca, mushroom blend, vanilla powder, moringa, spirulina, collagen, vegan or hemp protein, etc…


Go try a new blend! Enjoy your smoothie bowl

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