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3 Keys to Creating Successful Health & Weight Loss Goals

Anytime you wish to create change, you have to be willing to put in the work. After all, if you’re unhappy with your current situation, then continuing on the same way will not yield different results. Shift happens when we are willing to put in the time, do some soul searching, get real with how we want to feel and set some goals to achieve this. The more digging, the more insight, the more powerful your reasons for change.
As the saying goes…If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. If that doesn’t sit well with you, then time to take some action.


1) Get connected to the real reasons you want to achieve your goals

Are you creating goals that really move you? Goals that are important to your core values and have real meaning? Often, we aren’t. Having a goal, for example, that’s strictly weight related can have us feeling frustrated and angry when not achieved. Even though there are so many profound benefits happening through nutrition & exercise for example, if the weight doesn’t shift, I see people quit. I call these superficial goals, the ones that are only based on #’s on a scale or size of our jeans. Don’t get me wrong, wishing to achieve that goal can be very powerful, but it’s also an easy one to give up on. It doesn’t tug at your heart strings and it probably doesn’t’ give you the drive and passion to keep going. Connecting to something deeper is what will keep you consistent and connected to your true goal.
Here are some questions to consider:
*Why do I want to lose weight/get healthier?

*How would that make me feel? (Spend time on this question!)

*Why is feeling this way important to me?

*What would change in my life if I achieved this goal?

*What would that mean to me?

*What habits will I have to change in order to achieve this goal?

*If I don’t try to achieve this goal, how would that make me feel?

*If you’ve tried to achieve this goal in the past, what worked and didn’t work and why?

This is where you need to go when setting your goals. This is the meaningful stuff that can help you create a deeper why and really empower you to keep going. If you’re serious, allow yourself to go to these deeper questions. Write down the questions in a journal and answer them. Check in every week and add notes or write down new answers if they arise. As we grow and are willing to expand, our values, priorities and why’s can change.


2) Shift your thoughts to reach your goals

If you’re plugging away doing your thing- gym, salads, no alcohol, lots of sleep etc… BUT that little voice in your head keeps talking trash to you, this isn’t gonna be easy. You must leave that negative self-talk behind you. Again, this isn’t always easy to do, but you can work at it and get better, just like everything else.
What you think about you bring about. What you focus on expands. See how dangerous this could be if your thoughts are coming from a negative, self-sabotaging place?
No matter where you’re at right now, make a commitment to yourself to stop the limiting self-talk. I promise, this will serve you well if you do.
Shift your thoughts and you can literally change your beliefs about yourself. Believe me, you can totally do this, you just have to put in the work. Your subconscious mind will hold on to every negative thing you think and say about yourself and believe it to be true, so you must be mindful of what energy you’re sending out.
You can start this shift by saying out loud or journaling 5 things you’re grateful for about yourself and/or your body EVERY DAY! Start getting into the habit of appreciating yourself and acknowledging how amazing you are. I also believe that acknowledging others (silently or aloud) is an important tool as well. It’s hard for us to be loving of ourselves while we sit in judgment of others. Don’t be fake, truly find something you can complement, acknowledge or celebrate about someone else. The more you look for these things, the more they will appear. This energy will flow back to you 10-fold.


3)You’re just too damn hard on yourself

When you really go through Step #1 and ask and answer those questions, you’ll hopefully have a better understanding of what health means to you & why it’s necessary for you to achieve it. You’ll be better connected with what’s important and it will give you a more meaningful path to achieving your goals. However, if this is gonna stick, you need to start appreciating yourself for not only where you’re at now, but for every step along this journey. Change happens when there is love, appreciation & understanding. Change will not happen when you’re in a state of fear, deprivation or hate. Having love and appreciation for yourself and your body right now, exactly as it is, is the fuel for creating lasting change.
Don’t beat yourself up for having a few bad days. This will happen and it’s not the end of your health journey. It just is what it is. In fact, the whole ‘bad days’ thing will eventually mean less and less, because you’ll have a better understanding of what balance really means to you.
Be aware that guilt will not serve you. Focus on the new habits you are going to create and be consistent with instead of dwelling on the behaviour you wish you didn’t have. Shift your attention to how your new lifestyle is about bringing in more healthy habits instead of trying to rid yourself 100% of the bad ones. The all or nothing belief will not serve you here either, so go with the flow, be kind to yourself, but keep your eyes and heart on what’s truly important. Always reconnect to your reasons why.




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