A Bit About Me

Hello & Welcome!
Hi, my name is Megan Cofield. I am a Health Coach, personal trainer, foodie, outdoor loving, aspiring yogi (to name a few) and I Choose Health is my way of sharing my love of health, fitness and happiness with you. I’m on a mission to offer you the best tips on how to have fun with your health, nutrition & fitness goals and encourage you to live your best life possible.

In my opinion, the health of your body, mind & spirit should be top priority. If you’re not 100% happy with where you are today then NOW is the perfect time to start making a few adjustments. One thought and one action at a time. And if you’re exactly where you want to be, then keep rockin’ it and spread a little of that around!

I hope to inspire people to find their groove. To help spread the word that happiness isn’t achieved on the scale or by the size of your waist & that we need to find a better connection with our health, bodies and minds. Here’s to the journey of finding a place where you’re happy and comfortable inside and out.


In the mean time, check out my recipes, articles and blog!
Enjoy and please contact me anytime you have questions.

A bit more…

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, I was passionate to learn about holistic health and fitness from a young age. After making the decision to become a personal trainer over pursuing business in university, I never looked back. 12 years of training clients, studying nutrition, competing in fitness competitions & becoming a Health Coach led me to not only become a partner in a fitness studio (Bodynetix.ca), but start my website as well.  I Choose Health is a place where I can reach out and make a difference for more people, offer my advice, motivation, health tips, online group programs and create a community of women who can grab ahold of their lifestyles and bring it to the next level. I hope you join us.

See you soon