A Bit About Me

Hello & Welcome!
Hi, my name is Megan and I’m a soulful wellness coach who empowers women to take full control of their health and happiness and conquer the life of their dreams. I’m on a mission to empower and inspire women to get connected to what they truly want in life.

In my opinion, the health of your body, mind & spirit is top priority. If you’re not 100% happy with where you are today then NOW is the perfect time to start making a few adjustments. One thought and one action at a time.

I hope to inspire women to find their groove. To help spread the word that happiness isn’t achieved on the scale or by the size of your waist and that paying attention to what brings us joy and lights our souls on fire will bring us closer to achieving our goals and living the life we desire.


In the mean time, check out my recipes, articles and blog!
Enjoy and please contact me anytime you have questions.

A bit more…

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, I was passionate to learn about holistic health and fitness from a young age. I made the decision to become a personal trainer at 21 because of this love for health and fitness & I never looked back. 14 years of training clients, studying nutrition and personal development & becoming a Health Coach led me to not only become a partner in a fitness studio (Bodynetix.ca), but start my website as well.  I Choose Health is a place where I can reach out and make a difference for more people, offer my advice, motivation, health tips, online group programs and create a community of women who can grab ahold of their lifestyles and bring it to the next level. I hope you join us.

See you soon