For those who wish to enter to contest aspect of the Strong in 60 Challenge here are the rules!


-Must enter a before and after photo in either a bathing suit or tight fitting clothing (shorts & tank for example). This photo must include holding a newspaper with the date visible on it.

-Weight & Measurements must be taken and sent in to me  (*pics/measurements stay private)

-Short testimonial/essay at the end of challenge sharing your experience


I encourage everyone to join this part of the challenge 🙂
If this feels like a leap and out of your comfort zone that’s ok! This only helps you push past future barriers.


Measurements Requirements: 5 main points (additional measurements may be taken but are not required)
Chest- across bust
Belly Button
Smallest point in midsection
Hips/Butt-largest point
Thigh-7-9 inches above knee

Please keep a copy of these measurements for yourself after sending to me.



Only those participants who have completed the above will be considered for the grand prize.

Free Entry into Next Challenge (value $190)
25% off Next Challenge to offer a friend ($47.50 savings)
$50 Gift Certificate to Lululemon or Sportcheck
Supplement Gift Bag ($30)

Total value $317

Note: Prizes will also be given out throughout the challenge!