I’m so happy you came to check out my new program!

Searching this past year has brought me here today, starting an online fitness group for women to train, connect, learn, grow, inspire, be inspired and accomplish their health & fitness goals!

It’s all here waiting for you: more energy, fat loss, stress relief, butt-kickin workouts, detox, fun! If anything, just an exciting change from your regular routine. We all know our bodies and minds need to switch things up to stay engaged.

My Strong in 60 Online Fitness Challenge is set up with a huge connection through a private Facebook group, emails & videos. We start together, keep motivated through our discussions and videos, complete challenges and workouts together (either at home, in the gym or outdoors) and we finish strong together! I’ve learned this style of training has an amazing impact as women support one another along the way…even those they’ve never met.

If you’ve been looking for something, and waiting to start, now is the time. Don’t hesitate. No more excuses. There is no such thing as the perfect time, so no more procrastinating your health!
Not wanting to join the gym? No Problem! No need. I will give everyone a small list of items they will need for training at home…and boom! All set!

Have a crazy work schedule or kids at home? Do these workouts whenever it suits YOU. Some of my clients even set their training sessions up during kids’ nap time 🙂 Set up your best tunes, fav comfy workout clothes and get at it!

‘The secret to change is to focus all of your energy,
not on fighting the old,but on building the new’


Proper nutrition and exercise can have profound effects on other areas of your life. My goal is to inspire you to put your health first, absolute top priority in your life, then watch what amazing things can happen after that!

Your body was meant for movement. We don’t function well being sedentary! Movement, exercise, sweating & a thumping heart rate all contribute to the overall health and wellness of your entire body, inside and out. From digestion to energy, glowing skin, deep restful sleeps, mental clarity….the list goes on and on….

Ahhh, yes. How our minds can play wonderful tricks on us! Choose to believe you can and you are halfway there. Feeling healthier brings about a confidence like non other. Achieving your health goals you set out for is the ultimate booster for confidence and self-lovin’! Don’t leave room for self doubt…check it at the door. I’m going to help inspire you to change your thoughts & empower you to reach any goal you set out for.

No need to feel alone. Even if you join this challenge without knowing a soul (which makes you more brave than you realize) you will get sooo much support! And offering your support and motivation to others in the group will give you a major sense of uplifting gratitude…trust me, it’s powerful! Like minded women in one group all bustin’ their butts to reach a goal = awesomeness!! You don’t want to miss it!!

**Next Challenge Starting SOON!!**
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3 Awesome Workouts to do at home or at the gym each week for 8 weeks (new workouts every month with instructional videos)

Recipes…lots of recipes. From breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, to smoothies, juices and drinks! Plus lots of sharing recipes through the group.

Cardio Workouts. 2-3 each week various styles suggested for you to follow.

Nutritional Guidelines suggestions slight changes each month as you progress.

Supplement suggestions for reaching your goals

Mini Challenges and contests along the way. Keeping you motivated and engaged!

Mindset guidance and motivation.Train those nasty thoughts to take a hike & replace them with ones that will help you achieve your goals! (this is the number one thing that holds us back so it’s very important to give this area some attention!!)

Nutrition & Fitness Education I believe the more you know the more empowered you are to stick with the changes you are making.

Mega Motivation…I am here to educate, inspire, motivate, mentor, and have fun!

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